Self Managed VPS Hosting

Next-Gen game VPS

High clock rate VPS servers with core i7 or ryzen cpus ideal for single threaded applications such as game servers

Clasic VPS servers


Classic highly stable Xeon or Epic servers. Highly affordable. Ideal for multi-threded application. Or generali any type of application servers such as: Webhosting, Mail server, DNS, Docker and more

Game (Core i7 or Ryzen)




High clock rate VPS server, ideal for single threded applications such as game servers.

Game VPS Servers

CPU Memory SSD Windows? Bandwidth /Mo Disponibilità Ordina ora
4 vCore 4 GB 25GB No Shared gigabit 9€ 120s
4 vCore 4 GB 50GB Si Shared gigabit 12€ 5€ 5m
6 vCore 8 GB 50 GB Si Shared gigabit 17€ 9.9€ 5m
8 vCore 8 GB 100 GB Si  Shared gigabit 21€ 5m
8 vCore 16 GB 100 GB Si Shared gigabit 27€ 15m
20 vCore 32 GB 200 GB Si Shared gigabit 53€ 30m
Why it’s the right hosting option

Compute Game VPS

Easy to use controll panel

Manage, restart, reinstall and reset the password of your server directly from our client area, all in one place.

Even game server need security

All security standards that we apply to other vps types are also applied here

Beyond Fast

He hand pick hardware for the best comparability and performance. Also to we allow VPS server to overuse resources if there is availability at no additional cost

World-Class Support

Our very available support team is happy to help you with any question.You can reach us by email, Phone, Ticket or live chat

Discover the ideal operating system

One-Click VPS Hosted Applications

Just need a website?

Fully server less shared web hosting with no knowledge required

No need to be an IT guy to run, create or publish a website. Anyone can do it using are easy to use control panel