Self Managed VPS Hosting

Next-Gen VPS Hosting

VPS servers for everyone both Windows and Linux. At very affordable prices, great flexibility and choice. Both High clock servers ideal for game server and stable Xeon or Epic servers

Clasic VPS servers


Classic highly stable Xeon or Epic servers. Highly affordable. Ideal for multi-threded application. Or generali any type of application servers such as: Webhosting, Mail server, DNS, Docker and more

Game (Core i7 or Ryzen)




High clock rate VPS server, ideal for single threded applications such as game servers.

Classic VPS

CPU vCores
Disk Space
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Why it’s the right hosting option

VPS Hosting Features

Complete Customization

With your VPS server you get complete access to the VM, you get full root access to booth the OS and the kernel

Protezione DDoS

Tutte le nostre VPS vengono dotate di protezione DDoS completa su Livello 3 di rete.

Alte prestazioni

Tutti i nostri server sono equipaggiati con Processori Intel Xeon o Epic per le VPS Classiche, Intel Core o Ryzen per VPS da Gaming.

Supporto disponibile

Il nostro team di supporto è pronto a fornirti assitenza in qualsiasi momento.

Managed VPS

VPS management service

We manage and maintain your services on your VPS for you. Contact us for more information