Unmanaged VPS servers

Next-gen VPS servers for all

VPS server for all both Windows and Linux. At very affordable prices, great flexibility and choice. Both High clock servers ideal for game servers and stable Xeon or Epic servers

General Use

From 2Fr/Month

Highly stable classic Xeon or Epic servers. Highly affordable. Ideal for multi-threaded applications. Or in general any type of application server such as: Web Hosting, Mail server, DNS, Docker and more

Compute Game Servers




High clock rate VPS server, ideal for single threaded applications such as game servers.

Server VPS Per uso generico

CPU Memory SSD Windows? Bandwidth /Mo Disponibilità Ordina ora
1 vCore 0.5 GB 10GB No Shared gigabit 2 CHF 60s
1 vCore 1 GB 20GB No Shared gigabit 4 CHF 60s
1 vCore 2 GB 40 GB No Shared gigabit 8 CHF 60s
2 vCore 2 GB 50 GB No  Shared gigabit 10 CHF 60s
2 vCore 4 GB 75 GB Yes Shared gigabit 15 CHF  60s
4 vCore 4 GB 90 GB Yes Shared gigabit 18 CHF  60s
4 vCore 8 GB 120 GB Yes Shared gigabit 24 CHF  60s
6 vCore 8 GB 160 GB Yes Shared gigabit 32 CHF 5m
6 vCore 12 GB 180 GB Yes Shared gigabit 36 CHF 5m
8 vCore 12 GB 210 GB Yes Shared gigabit 42 CHF 10m
8 vCore 16 GB 300 GB Yes Shared gigabit 60 CHF 15m

Managed VPS

We maintain, secure and update you VPS for you