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Our VPS KVM servers are equipped with 100% high performance SSD disks, so they are suitable for any use case From the Pro version onwards it is also possible to insert a custom ISO. For the rest you can choose from an extensive catalogue of OS. Including WIndows and Linux


The core features of our KVM VPS servers

100% SSD

All our servers use high-performance enterprise-level SSDs. They are also up to 20x faster than classic HD

Full ROOT access

Thanks to full ROOT access to your OS, you can do anything you whant with it In

Simple management sistem

Thanks to our management platform you can manage your server easily.

One Click

Don’t want to venture too far into the system or just want things done automatically? Thanks to our on-click system, you can install PLESK/CPANEL and much more with just one click.

What is included?

Operating systems

VPS hosting platform with maximum speed and stability When buying a VPS, a list of immense operating systems is provided, here are the main ones:


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Answers to frequently asked questions

Of course, you can always transfer your vps to another region, for free.

Of course, for only 2 Fr/month

Yes, DDoS protection is done at datacenter leve

The setup time of a VPS is about 5 minutes but we verify payments manualy and during peek request times ther could be some small delay on first VPS creation

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Contact our Team, so we can advise you as best we can

0762252338, Whatsapp and SMS

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