ThunderHosting Fair usage policy

ThunderHosting (Global, Switzerland, Italy, and subsidiaries) Offer hosting packages with burstable, unlimited, or limited resources such as data transfer, CPU usage, RAM, Storage, and so on. The use of any ThunderHosting Product is governate by this policy unless explicitly and exceptionally written in a contract with a customer. ThunderHosting reserves the right to change any of the content in this policy at any time.

The Terms Unlimited or Unmetered

While many of our services offer Unlimited or Unmetered resources, we do limit such with a concept of logic. Such as we do not allow users to upload content that is not required for the use case of the service. We as ThunderHosting reserve ourselves the right to apply limits in case we conclude that the use of the unlimited/unmetered resources is being uselessly abused or overused

The term Burstable

We allow users to Burst the available resources on most of our services for free or payment (Depending on the product). We as ThunderHosting reserve ourselves the right to limit such bursts in case they become constant, unnecessary, or impact other customers.

CPU (Computing power) Abuse

We as ThunderHosting reserve ourselves the right to limit or reduce the available computing power available to the customer if the workload is not appropriate for the service. ThunderHosting can make such a decision after informing the customer via a registered contact method and at its Discretion.

Mining or computing resource sharing on our services

We do not allow the use of Mining related software on any of our services, this includes crypto mining, pooled computing, and others.

Provisions in case of abuse of this policy

In the event that the customers abuse the terms indicated in this policy or any service-specific policy, ThunderHosting may suspend the service after informing the user via a contact method or without informing the user in case the abuse causes issues to the integrity of the network or other customers. The customer is required to contact ThunderHosting via support ticket immediately after abuse information is sent to resolve the issue, in case such contact is not made, ThunderHosting may terminate the service and its data without providing a refund to the customer.


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