Affiliated program

What are the benefits

Earn for all the customers you bring us

Get the 20

Simple affiliation: Receive 20 on all orders,

90 days

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Simple cashout

It is enough to get to 25 Fr to be able to make a Cashout, feasible paypal or Transfer.

Custom links

Contact us for personalized links or special offers

Why become a ThunderHosting affiliate

Become a ThunderHosting affiliate and you will receive 20 of every order placed with your link, plus it is enough to get to 25 Fr of credits to be able to apply for a Cashout. We are also always available for your ideas or requests to increase the percentage.

Become affiliated

It is enough to create a ThunderHosting account to become an affiliate.

Do you want to become a reseller?

Contact us to resell our services at your prices with a completely white label environment. This way you can have your name, your logo, and customize everything to your liking.

0762252338, Whatsapp and SMS

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