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We empower everyone With Enterprise grade Services

No need of big budgets or years of experience. We provide with Enterprise grade service made easy to use, wile keeping full flexibility and affordable prices

Our Mission

Every person, project or activity should be able to focus on their business and not have to worry about their IT infrastructure. For this reason we focus on providing a perfect price to performance ratio.

Our idea

Sure there are lot's of other Hosting companies out there, but we want to stand out by providing a service that is Affordable, simple, flexible and secure. Sound impossible? Well it isn't

ThunderHosting timeline

Son time points


Fist IT blog

In 2016, our founder started a IT tutorial blog called connectplus.



In 2017 Connect plus was converted in to Highthunder Services, witch still provide easy to follow user guides and started to provide some Web Hosting.


ThunderHosting Was Founded

In 2018 Highthunder was finally rebranded in to ThunderHosting. And from there the company focused on IT consulting and Hosting.


Fast Growth

Since January 2021 we started making  bigger investments in to our Server and Network infrastructure. That started a process of exponential growth that is still ongoing today

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Friendly and available support

Our expert support is happy to help with any problem. We will do our best to answer 7 days a week. Or get back to you ASAP